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Countertop Resurfacing Techniques that Last for Years Without Fail

Reliable Resurfacing Services for Fort Worth Homeowners

Top-Notch Countertop Resurfacing that Upgrades Your Home’s Style

Fort Worth, Texas, homeowners often look for renovation and resurfacing services to boost their home’s aesthetic appeal and overall comfort. At Mars Services, we provide reliable countertop resurfacing that guarantees better results and total satisfaction. Our resurfacing solutions are entirely customizable and meticulously sealed so your home, office, or multifamily housing units have the look you want. From bathroom remodeling to kitchen renovations, resurfacing from Mars Services will make your space feel new in no time.

As the industry-leading remodeling company in Fort Worth, Texas, we ensure that all our team members have the training and qualifications to complete any countertop or bathtub resurfacing need; we can even perform our services on your standup shower. We also make ourselves available to residential, commercial, and multifamily housing units.

Consider Mars’ resurfacing services if you want a cost-effective alternative to remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. We can work with your existing surfaces to achieve a like-new effect. When you choose our team as your renovation specialists in the DFW metroplex, you choose confidence, reliability, and integrity at a fair price.

Relax into a living space that better suits your needs and aesthetic ambitions. With Mars Services, the sky is not the limit– we look forward to helping you achieve your ideal image. Connect with one of our experts now for your free estimate.

Working with the Leading Countertop Resurfacing Experts in Fort Worth

How Resurfacing Services from Mars Will Boost Your Home’s Comfort

Regarding countertop resurfacing, professional work can distinguish between a kitchen with a fresh and complete aesthetic and one that feels rushed and unsatisfied. Achieving the kitchen of your dreams is easy with the help of Mars resurfacing services. When you utilize our solutions, you prioritize customization, quality, and affordability. Our revolutionary acrylic materials look like stone and come in various colors and finishes that tailor results to your taste. In addition, our detailed approach gives your countertop a refreshed feel so that it looks brand new no matter how long it has been in use.

Furthermore, tub and shower refinishing services are a cost-effective alternative to fixture replacement. The highly skilled technicians at Mars Services use acrylic polyurethane to directly bind to the surface of your bathtub to create a new cover with a polished finish– you can achieve the feel of a new fixture at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, with our professional resurfacing service, you can have confidence that the job was done correctly and up to code. DIY projects can often cost more long-term and feel less satisfying due to a lack of expertise and costly mistakes. Working with our experts ensures that your needs are met, and your space looks how you imagined it would.

For better resurfacing results, consult with a Mars Services specialist. Our estimates are free, so what are you waiting for?

Excellence in Everything We Do

Resurfacing Services that Redefine Home Improvement Solutions

At Mars Services, we dedicate ourselves to leaving customers with a positive impression. We have the experience to complete any resurfacing service with the utmost precision and quality without sacrificing your hard-earned cash. Our team is passionate about improving your home’s aesthetic appeal and increasing its value. No matter what you need to have resurfaced, we can exceed your expectations the first time around.

We strive to provide every customer with a seamless and cost-effective experience by fully understanding their ideal home. Our commitment to excellence begins with our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service. From significant structural details to minor alterations like countertop resurfacing, our professionals will work with you to create an atmosphere that matches what you have visualized.

The efficiency of our work and thoroughness of service sprout directly from our values as a company: honesty, reliability, and integrity.


We stay honest in our evaluations and ensure we identify the problem and appropriate solutions. We never make up concerns so that you have to spend more time and money or suggest repairs that are not necessary.


Our solutions are reliable and guaranteed to last many years, regardless of extreme weather patterns. Our services have a 100% success rate. If you ever experience issues, you can count on our team to prioritize your problems and optimize your safety.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our organization. We take the same level of meticulous attention to detail coupled with our industry-leading standard of work so that every project we complete is something we can be proud of.

The team at Mars Services is dedicated to excellence; exceeding your every expectation is our top priority. So let us show you home remodeling and resurfacing services that are out of this world!

Resurfacing Services Offered By Mars Specialists

  • Accessible 24/7 and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we provide honest and reliable resurfacing services for:
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Standup Showers
  • Countertop, Shower, and Bathtub Repairs

Resurfacing Service FAQ

What is Countertop Resurfacing, and How Can I Use It Best in My Home?

Our resurfacing services focus on repairing and restoring your countertops so you do not have to endure the destruction and additional replacement costs. Choosing to resurface your counters can save you as much as 50% of what it would cost to replace your counters, cabinet, and all, and it requires half the time so your routine can remain untouched.

No one is more detailed or efficient than Mars Services when revitalizing worn-out kitchens and bathrooms. We can achieve your desired aesthetic by binding an acrylic polyurethane coating to your existing countertop or fixture. The finished product is beautiful, polished, and aligns with your ideal.

Furthermore, this process of restoration is suitable for any material. From granite and marble to tile and butcher’s block, any countertop or bathtub can be resurfaced by our experts. The result is a long-lasting and durable surface perfect for all atmospheres.

Contact the Mars team to learn more about our Fort Worth, Arlington, and Haltom City resurfacing services. Start the conversation today with one of our friendly representatives!

Beyond Resurfacing Service to Complete Home Comfort

Upgrade Your Living Space with Other Solutions from Mars Services

At Mars Services, we take your home comfort very seriously. That is why we offer renovation and remodeling services beyond countertop resurfacing. Our team must have the capability of being your one-stop shop for home upgrades because we understand how this added perk relieves stress on your part and makes for a seamless renovation process.

Ideal home comfort feels like you; it allows you to relax while embracing all of the details that make you, you. At Mars, we understand the importance of tailoring a space to your taste and provide services beyond resurfacing to help you do that. From total home renovations to a new coat of paint on the exterior walls, our professionals satisfy your needs beyond expectation. Additional remodeling and renovation services offered by Mars include:

  • Framing
  • Flooring Repairs & Installation
  • Interior & Exterior Painting
  • Fence Repair & Replacement
  • Siding
  • Window Screen Replacements
  • Swimming Pools
  • and More!

Find Home Comfort That is Out of This World

Industry-Leading Home Improvement Solutions in DFW

Our team is committed to revolutionizing the standard of care for comfort and home improvement services in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Haltom City. Work with specialists that put your needs first for a change and achieve results you could only dream of. Schedule a consultation with one of our renovation experts today and experience resurfacing services that exceed your expectations and are guaranteed to last for years. We look forward to working with you!