Keep Your Home Warm with Furnace Maintenance

While the weather is still warm in North Texas. It’s only a matter of time before a strong cold front hits and we wake up one morning in the 30’s. Now is the perfect time to have your homes furnace maintenance to make sure that the heat comes on when you flip the switch on your thermostat. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s important to have your furnace serviced each Fall.

Your Safety 

Annual furnace tune ups help keep your family safe. Each unit is thoroughly inspected for any cracks or leaks to determine whether it might be leaking harmful emissions.

Prevent Breakdowns 

A furnace works hard to keep up with the demands of warming a home during Winter months. Just like an air conditioner, it collects dust and dirt from your home causing a buildup in your system. Our service technicians will clean the filters in your until allowing it to run smoother.

Proper Airflow  

A venting system on a furnace is critical to efficiently distribute heat throughout your home. The blower must be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper efficiency and airflow. If you are experiencing minimal airflow, your furnace will have to run harder to keep up with the heating demands causing wear and tear on your unit.

Maintain Your Warranty

Most heating and cooling units come with warranties over an extended period of time. In order to keep those warranties valid, you must have the units serviced on an annual basis. Having these warranties can help to save you money in the long run.


Saves You Time and Money

Having your furnace serviced each year will allow the unit to work more efficiently. This will decrease the amount of energy required to run the unit and lower your overall monthly cost.

Contact Mars HVAC and schedule your appointment to have one of our licensed technicians tune up your furnace before Winter arrives.

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